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Emeril Lagasse Pressure AirFryer Review

Emeril Lagasse with the Pressure AirFryer

Emeril Lagasse Pressure AirFryer Review

The Emeril pressure cooker is not your mother’s pressure cooker or your run of the mill average Air Fryer. If you’re in the market to simplify your life and bring your cooking game to the next level, you might consider looking no further than this all-in-one pressure cook and air fryer multi cooker from celebrity chef, Emeril Lagasse.


I’ve had a little time to play with this new appliance and I’m going to break down some of the pros and cons of the Emeril Lagasse Pressure Airfryer for you.

Pro: Pressure Cooking Made Easy

Pressure cooking is not a new thing. In fact, I remember my mother using that old fashioned, slightly menacing and very intimidating pressure-cooking pot on our stove. Pressure cooking always seemed totally out of my league until now. Gone are the days of that frightening pot hissing away on the stove that always felt like it was minutes away from exploding! When it comes to pros and cons of pressure cooking in the past, we had the pro of faster cooking and the con of being scared to death during the process! The Emeril Lagasse Pressure Airfryer allows you to safely pressure cook.


“Gone are the days of that frightening pot hissing away on the stove that always felt like it was minutes away from exploding!”


Air frying, on the other hand, is relatively new. It has become popular only over the last handful of years. Touted for being a healthier and easy way to cook, air frying has taken some of the guilt out of enjoying our favorite “fried” foods. We now can have air-fried fried chicken, air-fried French fries, air-fried onion rings and more.

Pro: Pressure Cook, Air Fry and more all in the same appliance!  

Emeril Lagasse has come through with something that provides the culinary benefits found in both styles of cooking and has made it very user-friendly.


In my opinion, what brings Emeril’s Air Fryer Pressure Cooker to the next level is its multi cooker design: it’s not just a pressure cooker or just an air fryer. It’s both! Plus, its other cooking functions include sous vide, slow cook, bake, sauté, rice, canning, yogurt maker, steam, grill and roast. The possibilities are endless. Start by sautéing your ingredients, then pressure cook to cook and tenderize. When the pressure cooking is done, simply change the lid and mode to air fry and finish it off with a crisp.

Pro: One pot cooking!

Think about the possibilities! You took the time to pressure cook a beautifully roasted chicken or a succulent rack of ribs. Pressure cooking makes both foods, fall off the bone tender, juicy and yummy. However, when you just pressure cook, you lose that beautiful caramelization of the ribs or that delicious crisping of the chicken skin. Now you can have it both.


Check out this recipe for Wings & Ribs from the Emeril Lagasse Pressure Cooker and AirFryer website which demonstrates just what I’m talking about.

Con: When you live in a small space

I live in a pretty small apartment. With counter space a commodity and storage space limited, I look to eliminate as many appliances as I possibly can. With the Emeril Pressure Airfryer I can get rid of almost everything else, thanks to its versatility. This appliance makes the con of having a smaller kitchen so much less a factor.


After using the Emeril Lagasse Pressure Airfryer for a few weeks I have to say that I’m pretty sold but just like any product there are its pros and cons.


Here’s my take on overall pros and cons of the Emeril Pressure Airfyer:


  • Versatility - It has nine different functions!
  • Ease of use
  • Easy to clean
  • Capacity
  • Pressure cooking tenderizes and cooks fast
  • Air frying gives you a crisp finish while saving calories and fat.


  • Getting used to the way a new product works / Smart Cook IQ technology may seem intimidating to non-tech savvy person. (It is actually very easy to use and everything is explained in a series of “How to Videos” on the Emeril Pressure Airfryer website.)
  • Trying to decide between purchasing the 6 quart or 8 quart unit (one is great for family the other slightly better for big parties)
  • May make many appliances you already own, like a rice cooker or slow cooker, redundant.

Next up? Homemade yogurt!

I’m still experimenting with all the ways to use Emeril’s pressure cooker and crisper. My next adventures include using this appliance as a homemade yogurt maker and learning to can some veggies. I will report back in the future about the pros and cons of making your own yogurt!


Do you own the Emeril Lagasse Pressure Airfryer? If not, click here to learn more and buy now.

November 11, 2019